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More Than a Cup of Coffee...
                                       A Way of Life

There were coffee roasters in almost every town throughout America. People would buy or trade with the local roaster for their coffee. As the large roasting company's grew slowly the small roasters let their fires go out. 

Northwestern Coffee Mills was founded in 1875 and has prevailed for over 140 years. Harry DeMorest bought the company in Milwaukee WI, when he was 24 years old. He later moved the company to Madeline Island one of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, and then back to the mainland. Harry roasted coffee 53 years until his passing. 

After writing many last letters home during a tour to Iraq, clearing bombs off the roads. I made a decision that I would spend more time with my family if I made it home. Upon returning home my wife and I started a health food store. It is through that store we met Harry and started selling and drinking his coffee. A friendship developed and soon we were in Harry's shop watching him roast coffee with the ease of a master. 
Legend has it that in the Ethiopian highlands, Kaldi discovered coffee after noticing that his goats became so spirited after eating the berries they didn't want to sleep at night. Kaldi reported his finding to the local monastery where the abbot made a drink and discovered it helped him stay alert during evening prayers. The abbot shared his finding with other monks and slowly the word spread east to the Arabian peninsula and then across the globe.

After Harry's passing NW Coffee Mills continues its journey Through all these years the quality of the coffee beans and the commitment to roasting, honest hard work and customer service is still there. We are not a big company with numerous employes or a large shipping department. But we are committed to those rock solid values that has kept this company going, and we live by those values every day. 
One day when I was roasting my young son asked me "Dad, when are you going to teach me to roast?" God willing, I will teach him the art of roasting, and we will have many hours roasting coffee together. Continuing the long standing family tradition that has been going for over 140 years. Here at Northwestern Coffee Mills it truly is More Than a Cup Of Coffee....Its a Way of Life.

​Coffee was brought to America by the British in the mid 1600's. Coffee houses started to appear but tea remained the favored drink in the New World until the colonist revolted against the heavy tax placed on tea by King George. One event in 1773, known as the Boston Tea Party, would change America forever, as coffee became the preferred drink over tea.