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More Than a Cup of Coffee...
                                       A Way of Life
Coffee makers need fresh, cold, oxygenated water to start with and very hot, nearly boiling water (185-203 degrees) to make the brew. Coffee brewed with flatwater tastes flat. Low temperature means less flavor. Filtered or off-the-shelf water may be necessary if the local water is unhealthy or has off flavors of its own. 

American Breakfast Blend-
-Light Blend
This is one of our favorite old time blends with great staying powder. It has an interesting counterpoint flavor, light aroma and mellow body.

Apostle Island Blend - 
-Medium Roast-
This is a blend of four different coffees that can stand alone. But when combined they create a smooth and flavorful cup that stands out as a landmark in coffee blends.

Hometown Blend-
-Medium Blend
We created this blend with the friendly feel good familiarity of our hometown in mind. Where we know our neighbors and everyone waves. With this blend you can let your hair down and be yourself.

Ice Road Blend - 
-Dark Blend-
This is our darkest blend. Made up of primarily an espresso bean. Then we add a lighter roast bean to increase the caffeine content and smooth the flavor just a bit. A marvelous way to get where you want to go if your up for it.

​Mocha-Java Blend-
-Medium Dark Blend-
Mocha-Java is the oldest blend in world. A blend of Yemen Mocha and Java Estate. The first two coffees produced commercially. The Yemen Mocha is over 2000 years old and being produced in the same way it was back then. This is a cup filled with differing flavors and history.

​Moonshine Medicine Blend
-Darkest Blend-
This blend consists of our two darkest roasts. It helps put grit into the soul that drives every mountain man. Along with a lighter bean to sneak in some caffeine and make it go down easy.

Lighthouse Blend-
-Dark Blend-
This is our bakers blend that was created over 50 years ago for a bakery in Milwaukee. It has been renamed the lighthouse blend because it is a simple blend that has been a beacon through all these years.

Organic Blends

Jump Start Blend -Medium/Dark
This organic blend has that little extra boost to get you going but not over powering.

Oredock Blend - Dark Roast
This is the darkest of our organic blends. Stands out in the horizon of other coffees, known for its strength and staying power.

Sunrise Organic Blend -Light Roast
​A soft smooth cup with a touch of florals and berry tones. A bright flavor to wake you up on the right side and get you ready for a day of wonder and adventure!


Water Processed-
-Light and Dark roast offered.
Many decaf coffees use chemicals to remove the caffeine from the bean. We  only buy beans that have the caffeine pressed out using water. This provides a heather more enjoyable coffee drinking experience. 

Organic Water Processed-
-Light and Dark roast offered.
Water is used to press the caffeine from these beans instead of chemicals. Its an organic coffee allowing for the healthiest of choices.

Brazil Bourbon

Colombia Excelso

Colombian Supremo

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Ethiopia Harrar 

Ethiopia Sidamo

Guatemala Antigua

Guatemala Huehuetenango

Hawaiian Kona


Java Estate

Kenya AA 


Sumatra Mandheling

Sulawesi/Celebes Kalossi

Yemen Mocha
Organic Straights

Ethopia Yirgacheffe- FTO

Mexico Chiapas



Guatemala Huehuetenango

Indonesia Timor - FTO

Uganda Bugishu AA-FTO

Good Coffee is a Low cost Pleasure. Bad Coffee is Expensive at any Price.
Carefully stored coffee releases freshness slowly but more rapidly at high temperatures. Airtight storage keeps moiture and oxygen away from coffee beans. Freezer storage does even better - for several months. 
Be careful the grind your coffee to suit your coffee maker. Espresso makers take a very fine grind, nearly a powder. Cone filters take fine grind, like sugar. Drip or basket filters take drip grind, like beach sand. Press and perk brewers use regular grind, a bit coarser.
We only buy high quality coffee beans. The key to a good cup of coffee starts with the green bean, and continues through the right water temperature while brewing.  
SMBC -Bird Friendly Coffee
-Fair Trade Organic

Guatemala Huehuetenango