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A Tradition

We have been carrying on the tradition and art of locally roasted coffee for over 140 years.  We use an old fashion gas-fired slow roasting oven that is over 100 years old. This roaster creates an especially good tasting coffee allowing flavor nuance to develop when coffee is roasted slowly. Our open flame roasters produce a flavor that many people prefer to that of quick electric heat roasters.

For us it is more than a cup of coffee, its a way of life!
In order to deliver a premium product we buy only specialty beans of a high quality. Almost all our blends are made up of at least 25% organic coffee and our organic coffees are 100% organic. Much of our coffee is Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Shade grown and Bird Friendly, with only the finest Arabica coffee beans from different regions of the world. 
Each region delivers it own unique coffee bean. We also find differing flavors and traits, signature to each family estate the beans are grown on. Knowing these difference is our job, yours is sitting back and enjoying each cup of coffee!

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Northwestern Coffee Mills
20146 Soderlund Rd
Mason, WI 54856
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More Than a Cup of Coffee...
                                       A Way of Life
Coffee of the month - March


This is a really nice smooth coffee. This particular lot comes from a single producer and is milled at the Lerida Estate beneficio. The coffee was cultivated and harvested by Sonia Amoruso on Finca Doña Maria, her eight hectare farm.

​Cupping Notes
Graham cracker, caramel, sweet, medium body, delicate citrus.
Medium Roast

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Also I'm going to run another sale on Jamaican Blue Mountain. I have not been selling a lot of this and I want to move it so why not sell it at a great price to my amazing customers! I have it on sale this month for $40 per bag. I really don't think you will find it for this price anywhere because it's a lot less than what I paid for it...

Tea of the Month
China Young Hyson
4oz bag $3.99 save $2
1 lb bag $11.99 save $3

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